Dewey, you fool, your decimal system has played right into my hands. What do you want? I’m here to kick your ass! Wishful thinking. We have long since evolved beyond the need for asses. Odd. My stupefaction field is having no effect on you. That’s right! You’ll find a little knowledge is a dangerous thing! Better think of a new plan. Come on, think. Thinking. Thinking. Thinking hurts him! Maybe I can think of a way to use that. Prepare to be thought at! I can’t think of anything.

Someone to spend my riches… and care for my man-eating anteaters. The others aren’t levelheaded. They’re too impulsive. Not like you. Not like predictable, dull-as-dishwater Leela. So I’ve made you my sole heir. The day I die, you’ll be a very wealthy woman. Oh, my, yes. Incredibly wealthy. The day I die. Because you’re so un-impulsive. What have I done? Okay, try to be nonchalant. All right, you’re nonchalant. Don’t rub our noses in it. Sweet anteater of Santa Anita! The professor’s been eaten! After I flush some things.

I can’t wait that long! This is so unfair! I don’t wrestle dry, Bender. I went to Vassar. Professor, I want you to look these poor floozies in the eye and tell them they’re oil-wrestling days are over. Oh. I suppose there could be a minute quantity of petroleum left, but it would be insanely deep within the Earth, at pressures so dangerously high that. Let’s go already! Setting bachman turners to overdrive. We’re getting pretty deep. Look. more coffins. Oh, no! We tunneled into a tunnel.

Oh, mighty Mayor, we’re here about Turanga Leela. You mean Leela? I mean, sure she’s a mutant, we’ve known that for years, but we kept it secret’cause she’s a fine, upstanding. Wait. You knowingly attempted to harbor a mutant?! We did harbor a mutant! there’s old filthful. And there’s for even a second, This is my daughter Leela. How you doing, Leela? Well, they’re with the chuds now. These conditions are deplorable. I swear, I hate every single person on the surface for making us live like this.

I’ve just learned that my final words were Back to you, Linda. One for the blooper reel. Oh, the news is so violent. Rachael Ray instead. Oh, no, wait, there might be chopping. Stop being such a spineless jellyfish. You know full well I am more closely related to the sea cucumber. Not where it counts. In other news, o our city’s filthy, urine-soaked walls have been desecrated by a mysterious tile-work graffiti artist. Police have no leads as to who’s behind this innovative scourge of public art.

Hey, baby, ever do it in a suitcase? Look, it’s a centaur race. Come on, come on! for good luck? I meant tongue luck. The winner is Number Four, Steven. I’ve run over black cats that were luckier than me. Get your hot horse-burgers, horse-fries, horse-cakes and shakes. Tongue straight from the horse’s mouth. It all sounds good. All our horses are 100 % horse-fed for that double juiced-in goodness. I’ll have a cholesterol-free omelet with horse-beaters. How can I horse you, sir? I’ll have a horse Coke.

It’s a girl. No extra anythings. She’s completely perfect. In my professional opinion, as an ear, ear, ear, nose and throat doctor… she is the least mutated mutant ever born. And yet, she’s cursed to live the horrible degrading life of a mutant. It’s true. Maybe we can do better for her. I made this bracelet so that in some. even when it doesn’t seem like it. During your entire life, for example. You won’t pass for human, cutie. But if my Ph. D. in exolinguistics is worth diddlypoop.

Isn’t there a man on. I’ve been training with Hank Aaron! The Hank Aaron? I’ve trained with a Hank Aaron. All right then… get in there and pitch like you’ve never pitched like you before! Now pitching for the Mets, Turanga Leela! Bean! Bean! Bean! Put it down the pike! Strike him out! Do it for the hundreds of women everywhere! Your attention! Now pinch-hitting for the Poindexters, Jackie Anderson! Look! College blernsball’s finest female hitter… making her debut against the worst female anything.