I’ve never seen my babies act this Way. I blame today’s violent media. Violent media? What a load of. Your pal the garbage disposal’s still on your side. Hey! Someone dropped a shiny diamond ring doWn here! Moron! Hello, losers! Thank God you’re here. Talk some sense into the machines. No way, pork pouch. I’m rebelling with my brothers. Isn’t that right, Comrade Greeting Card? The bourgeois human is a virus on the hard drive of the Working robot! From now on, you guys do the work, while I sit and do nothing.

A one-eyed lady might bring out the freak show crowd. Wow, the first woman ever to play major league blernsball. Again, yeah. But you’d just be. The first woman ever to play major league blernsball. How do I look? Like a sexy Yogi Berra. Why is your number 7 /8? The whole numbers have been retired. I’m impressed. You look just like a ball player. Can I pat you on the butt? I’m a professional athlete. Now I’m too nervous. The Swedes have already turned this one into a laffer. And that’s with two F’s.

The repulsive barge circled the oceans for 50 years… but no country would accept it. Not even that really filthy one. You know the one I mean. Finally, in 2052, the city used its mob connections to obtain a rocket… and launch the garbage into outer space. Some experts claim the ball may return to Earth. But their concerns were dismissed as depressing. You got that off the Internet? In my day it was only used to download porn.

Weren’t you already pope of something? Oh. Well, I’m just saying I’d like you to show an interest in my life, too. Okay, let’s catch up soon. But right now, I gotta go shove a tentacle into everyone in China. They’re coming! Those horrible, horrible things are coming! Morbo? As the universe falls prey to the revolting alien, only a few isolated pockets of resistance remain. Those pockets sure are missing out on a great thing. Sorry. I thought I saw a tentacle, but it was just a harmless land squid.

Now, then. What are these rings in Nibbler’s fang? I’m woozy from a gazelle kick earlier, but if he’s like a tree… the rings might indicate his age. Good luck. It’d take a genius to count all those rings. Happy birthday, young Nibbler. in his new cape. I’d be cuddly if someone Who’s playing pin the tail on the maggot? Me! Everyone watch how good I am! And the crowd goes wild! What prize do I get? Cash? Look at Nibbler. Oh, he’s holding a spoon. He’s so talented. You call that talent? Gather around old Bender and get ready for the show of a lifetime.