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Frumusani terenuri investitii

Frumusani (8ha, 10ha, 11ha)


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The land is situated south of Bucharest, only 18 km on DN4, nearby Frumusani Village.

The land is near Pasarea Lake, and the forest – the natural filter for a fresh air, propitious for a healthy and confortable way of life.

From a total of 38 plots only 18 are left available with surfaces between 400 and 700 sqm.

  • Total surface: 28.400 sqm
  • High regime: P+1+M
  • Maximum high: 7,5 m
  • POT: 35 %; CUT: 1
  • Acces way– width 11 m


  • The fast area development: according to the statistics, the southern area will increase over 30 % per year, representing the guarantee of a great potential investment;
  • It allows the development of varied real estate investments, like : residential villages, commercial centers, parks, kinder gardens, sport and relaxation centers, etc.;
  • Frumusani is situated only 18 km far from Bucharest, on DN4, so for the ones that can’t stay away from the capital’s madness, they can get here in about 20 minutes.
  • The special natural view, the lands are situated next to the Pasarea Lake and the forest. For the ones that wish for peace and quiet, for healthy environment to spend the rest of the day, after work, to do sports or to enjoy a relaxing walk, Premier Business offers them the chance of a healthy and comfortable way of life.
  • Our customers are both material and family established persons and companies with different domains of activity.