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Correct Diagnosis and Satisfactory Solutions to Your Financial Needs!

Companies that know how to rationally manage their resources develop and expand constantly and by maximising their market value, they continue their business as profitable companies with good prospects; regarding companies that manage their resources irrationally, they conduct their business at a loss and they will face winding-up, unless they take the necessary measures in due time.

In the process of securing finance, since the company is supervised by an outside financial expert, it benefits from help in making sound and fast financial decisions, in accordance with its business. Thanks to the support from our independent and impartial financial experts, the company manager will allocate less time to the financing process, while taking much more time for the main business of the company so as to achieve the objectives.

PREMIER FINANCE, is a company that has been successfully operating as member of the Premier Global Company Group since 2001, and its services mainly aim at achieving high customer satisfaction. In this context, PREMIER FINANCE has a moral duty to provide its customers with funding from the safest sources and under the best conditions, trying to offer high-level financial consulting.


Through its financial advising and arranging services, PREMIER FINANCE, aims at delivering medium-term and long-term support to the companies in order to assist them to reach their goals based on correct financial criteria and at the highest performance levels; Our company offers the service packages listed below:

  • 1. Corporate Banking Advisory Services
  • 2. Financial Advisory Services
  • 3. Investment Banking Advisory Services

Corporate Banking Advisory Services

We support your activities by advising and structuring short and long term working capital, loans for project financing and appropriate refinancing conditions, all based on reasonable financial projections.

If your company is faced with any of the situations below, contact us and we will recommend you the necessary solutions in the shortest time possible:

  • If you encounter major difficulties in financing your assets.
  • If you are considering new investment projects that are larger than the ones that have been the basis of previous success.
  • If you make acquisitions through financial loans
  • If you want a refinancing of current loans, with much more effective terms, limits and costs.
  • If you need additional funding for the implementation of new strategies, operations and investments.
  • If you want to change the current credit and capital structure.

premier financeThanks to our specialists who have valuable relationships with domestic and foreign financial actors, our company will play an active role in the process of identifying the best financing conditions in accordance with your company’s needs:

This process consists of:

  • 1. Analysing the documents and submitting them to financial institutions.
  • 2. Selecting and presenting the financing offers for you to examine.
  • 3. Organising a meeting with the representatives of the institution chosen by you from the offers.
  • 4. Staying by your side during all preliminary meetings for the granting of the credit line.

Financial Advisory Services

PREMIER FINANCE, regularly signs financial consulting services agreements with its clients and provides the following services:

  • Assisting clients in corporate planning on financial affairs
  • Specific financial analysis of the company
  • Contribution to the preparation of short-term, medium-term and long-term financial projections
  • Financial reporting,
  • Benchmarking,
  • Valuation and opportunity analysis,
  • Contacting and developing relationships with financial institutions, participating in negotiations and determining the conditions of use of loans, depending on the company’s needs.

Investment Banking Advisory Services

Equity & debt can manifest itself in various forms including but not limited to: angel investors, venture capitalists, institutions, lenders, private investors and potential strategic partners. Our experienced team has a vast array of extensive, long standing relationships in the investor community.

Our understanding of the investor universe combined with knowledge of the client’s business and objectives allows us to arrange an optimal source of capital. Within Fund Raising activities our team advises on structures and arranges to execute private equity, equity linked and derivative financing transactions and syndicated debt related financing. You can benefit from our services if any of your company has one of the following needs.

  • 1. If you need to quickly enter new markets, if you need new valuable assets and financing sources immediately.
  • 2. If you want to abandon low-performance commercial business or divisions that are no longer strategic in your trading activities.
  • 3. If you want to make appropriate investments in order to develop the growth and expansion strategy in the country and abroad.
  • 4. If, due to globalisation and competition, you want to secure a place in the strengthening process of your business sector.
  • 5. If you want to turn the value of your business into cash.
  • 6. If you need support in the merger and acquisition activities.

We can provide the following services:

  • Brokerage of mergers with other domestic and foreign companies, assistance in sales (M&A)
  • Purchasing listed minority shares
  • Real estate project financing models
  • Financial analyses – Buyer/Seller
  • Corporate and asset assessment
  • Drafting and implementation of the merger and acquisition plan.
  • Post merger and acquisition services.
  • Planning and implementation of a strategy to “exit” the investments underway.


Premier Finance team and its resources have an academic experience based on the reference projects conducted in the following fields.

  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Transport
  • Telecommunications
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Food-Drink
  • Tourism


premier finance echipa noastre

The PREMIER FINANCE team consists of highly-trained advisors, with extensive experience in Finance, Management, Business Development, Legal, Taxation, İnternational Operations, Accounting, Capital Markets, Real Estate Financing and Reorganisation.

PREMIER FINANCE advisors are trained and educated in many subjects and have the necessary expertise in project design and analysis, which are very valuable for a sustainable and pragmatic implementation process. All our advisors share a common value, namely the special interest and responsibility towards our clients and their projects, marked by the desire and effort to find the best solution and create value for the clients in the shortest time.

Premier Finance network;

premier finance echipa noastre

We have been working for many years with international financial brokerage companies in London, New York, Frankfurt and Dubai and, over time, this has resulted in outstanding successes. We rely on experienced senior managers and investors who work project-based in the finance, business development and management, and who have acquired an extensive international expertise.

Why should we work together?

  • We have an expert team and a network focused on exclusively financial affairs and also only and only our customer satisfaction.
  • We have tailor-made solutions for our clients.
  • We have internationally extensive information and references.
  • Using the international standards but respecting to the local conditions.
  • We combine our vast and in-depth information with the management expertise.
  • We appreciate qualities such as work speed and bearing up in conducting analyses, findings, diagnoses, decision-making and implementation.
  • We have a moderate pricing policy and flexible working conditions, based primarily on success fees.