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Silifke, Turkey (47.000 mp)

Our Grate Opportunity in Turkey

Premier Business has been researching for profitable investment land which lead us to purchase a land in the south of Turkey, in a strategic position and useful in many ways, the area named Silifke City.

Silifke is a pleasant country land, placed at the foot of the Taurus Mountains and neighboured by the Mediterranean Sea in the South and both the Göksu River, 80 km away from Mersin, at the intersection point of the state main road network that links the Central Anatolia with the east and west side of the Mediterranean Sea.

Silifke-Antalya highway is 10 km away from Silifke. Taşucu serves now as an important gate for passengers traveling between Turkey and Northern Cyprus. From this point of view, it is becoming a modern tourist site extremely quick.

Due to the hıgh potential of our land, we intend to develope a residential project. For this matter we are looking for people with experience to enter into a joint venture.

Some of our plans:

Our land has a 16.000 squaremeters housing area. İn the west side there is a academic facility with a sports complex consisting of a football ground, tennis courts, basketball area, olimpic pool and a hotel buil in the south part. İn the east side there are two private school one primary and a high school, and in the noth side there is Aya Thecla church.

Our land is 5 km away from Silifke city center, 7 km away from Taşucu and 80 km away from Mersin. Dividing the land in parcels, we have 41 parcels be approximetly between 400-800 sqm.

There will be parking space and traffic roads (7m -15 m wide) in the area.